Forensic Evidence Analysis & Reconstruction
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Services Offered

Latent Print Processing

This can include papers, books, computers, glasses, most any item that is conducive.

Latent Print Comparison


With known exemplars, print cards, we can potentially compare questioned to known prints.


Questioned Documents


Handwriting comparison, inks, fonts, printer and fax comparisons are all possible to perform



Paint Sample Analysis


Documentation and collection of paint samples can include or exclude another vehicle or object that is reported to have come in contact with another item.



Shooting Crime Scene Reconstruction


A careful analysis of the evidence and documentation can show a flawed theory. Careful documentation can show directionality of a bullets path, as well as the location of discharged shell casings. It is also possible to determine if witness statements are accurate or inconsistent with the evidence documented and recovered from the crime scene.


Gunshot Residue Documentation and Collection and Analysis


It is possible to determine how close the muzzle of the weapon was in relation to the object that the bullet struck.



Burglary Investigation

Safe examination, point of entry, forced entry, toolmark documentation and analysis.


Arson: Cause and Origin


Examine and document scene, look for pooling and other signs of accelerant.



Hairs/Fibers Documentation, Collection and Analysis


Examine and document scene, collect fibers and determine what fibers are made of and if consistent with other hairs and fibers (known samples)



DNA Documentation, Collection, Preservation and Submission for Analysis


Obtain DNA samples, document and collect properly to preserve integrity of the sample and maximize potential for analysis



Computer Generated Diagram Preparation and Animation for Court Presentation


Diagrams can be prepared of scene, still, animated as well as different perspectives.



Toxicology Analysis


Reports and testing procedures of samples can be reviewed and explained. 


Trial Preparation, Moot Court Training, CLE's

Entertainment/Script Consultation: Some of FEAR's members are Screen Actor Guild (SAG) Members. They have provided assistance in books, documentaries and major motion pictures. This assistance has been in the form of reviewing scripts for accuracy, providing technical assistance on the set or conferral with actors, directors or Prop Masters. They have appeared on camera in numerous films and television shows.

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